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Eric A. Cole, MD

As a board-certified surgeon, Dr. Cole is a hair doctor committed to helping patients achieve a confident new look.

With over two decades of experience, Dr. Cole has worked with countless patients. But each patient is treated with undivided care and attention. When you come to Hair Surgery Seattle, you become central to achieving your aesthetic goals. You will meet a top Seattle hair doctor with decades of experience who is ready to help you meet your unique needs. Through the latest hair restoration techniques, Dr. Cole will help you restore confidence through new aesthetic possibilities.

Cutting-Edge, Always

Dr. Cole believes that stagnation is the greatest opposition to aesthetics. That is why he continually stays up-to-date with the latest methods and technologies. Rather than use outdated hair transplant methods, he exclusively offers hair transplant surgery with NeoGraft. This ultra-modern hair restoration system comes with a range of benefits:

  • Faster procedure times
  • More precise restoration
  • Natural-looking results
  • Increased patient comfort
  • No line scarring

You are guaranteed to receive top-quality care from a hair surgeon with years of experience. Each treatment is perfectly tailored to match your hair restoration needs.

Commitment to an Improved You

Dr. Cole dedicates himself to helping patients achieve a natural-looking appearance that matches your unique goals and expectations. He believes in only providing the best and latest treatments for hair restoration in Seattle.

He works closely with every patient to determine how to best meet your goals. His highest priority is making your vision for your hair restoration a reality. No patient is ever pushed toward a look that they don’t like. Dr. Cole and his staff provide information, but you get to call the shots. Call today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Cole and take back your appearance.

Core Values and Our Mission

At Hair Surgery Seattle, Dr. Cole and his staff believe in a compassionate approach that places the patient at the center of the process. Every step of the hair restoration process is designed to be as comfortable and informative as possible. We never want our patients to be in the dark.

Hair restoration should be a joyous moment in your life, one that marks the beginning of a restored sense of self. It should be transformative, but never make you step outside of what makes you comfortable. We seek to positively change the lives of our patients through:

  • Compassionate care
  • Highest standards of excellence
  • The latest techniques and methodologies
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Surpassing expectations

Dr. Cole's Qualifications

  • Certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology
  • A Fellow of:
    • American Society of Ophthalmic and Reconstructive Surgery (ASOPRS)
    • Fellow of the American Academy of Surgeons (FACS)
    • American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS)

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With the revolutionary technology of the NeoGraft Hair Transplant System, Dr. Cole provides a faster, more consistent hair restoration experience. For the best hair restoration and hair doctor in Seattle, look no further. Dr. Cole is a board-certified and fellowship-trained plastic and reconstructive surgeon with more than 20 years of experience. His years of work have taught him that aging may be inevitable, but there are many ways to embrace it. With modern technology, we no longer need to show the negative signs of aging, while still accepting the positive aspects.

He is certified in hair transplantation and restoration and has delivered natural-looking outcomes for countless patients over the rears. With each treatment, he further hones his skills in the pursuit of high aesthetics. As a top Seattle hair doctor, Dr. Cole starts every transformation with a personal consultation with his patients. In addition to top-tier hair restoration, Dr. Cole specializes in facial enhancement and rejuvenation. If you want to give yourself a complete transformation, inquire about his expertise in cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.

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Take the first step toward a full head of hair today. When you schedule a consultation, you meet personally with Dr. Cole to discuss your goals. Working closely with you, he develops a personalized treatment plan that will match your needs perfectly. As a board-certified surgeon, Dr. Cole uses his expertise to help countless patients achieve a look they can be proud of.

During your consultation with a top hair doctor in Seattle, you will have the chance to fully express your goals. As Dr. Cole listens, he will work to put together a treatment plan personally tailored to you. Each hair restoration procedure is uniquely designed for each patient, focusing on delivering a natural look that suits you.

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