Beginner Guide to NeoGraft

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A hair restoration specialist can help you if your hair is thinning, receding, or if it’s just plain not healthy. If your hair is falling out, you should see a specialist and talk about the possibility of hair replacement surgery in Seattle. The NeoGraft procedure, which is minimally invasive and popular for patients who want …

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FUE Vs FUT Quality Comparison

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A hair restoration process that works well on your scalp can make a huge difference. It can replace bald patches and use your body’s natural hair follicles to grow your hair in the best way. Follicular unit transplantation and follicular units extraction are the two main hair restoration options available today. Both are options. However, …

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Preparing for Your Hair Transplant

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FUE hair transplant surgery has quickly become one of the most innovative procedures to offer full hair restoration to the head and scalp. Patients looking to recover from years of hair loss or sudden appearances of pattern baldness might benefit greatly from this type of surgery offered by our Hair Surgery Seattle team. After a …

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Scalp Care After Hair Restoration

Person doing scalp care after hair restoration

Tired of dealing with loose and patchy hair? Are your follicles damaged and preventing you from ever having a full head of hair? Like many of our patients, you might benefit from innovative hair restoration in Seattle. At Hair Surgery Seattle, we know that it’s not just the hair restoration procedure that can change your …

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What to Avoid After Hair Restoration

Man scratching head which is something to avoid after hair restoration

Hair restoration surgery is the world’s most effective way to regrow your own natural hair on your head. Whether you are dealing with pattern baldness or you have lost your hair after an injury, you can use advanced FUE technologies with NeoGraft in Seattle and enjoy a brand new head of hair with personalized results. …

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