Hair Health After a Transplant

Man with good hair health after a transplant.

After your hair transplant procedure, you will be eager to see results. But hair health after a transplant is important and requires care. While you wait for your natural hair to grow back, there are things you can do to maintain good hair health after a transplant. Cleaning the scalp and the hair thoroughly is …

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Top NeoGraft FAQs

Many happy after NeoGraft procedure.

If you are worried about your rapidly receding hairline, sudden hair loss, or overall lack of hair health, it is important to get in touch with a hair restoration specialist. At Hair Surgery Seattle, we provide the best industry options for hair restoration in Seattle. Our most popular procedure that helps patients regrow hair on …

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Hair Products that Damage Hair

Woman using some hair products that damage hair.

Hair loss is a natural part of life that can come about for a number of different reasons. Whether due to aging, illness, or environmental factors, you may be struggling with pattern baldness as you continue to lose the hair on your head. Finding an effective hair loss treatment is important for continued growth and …

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Popular Male Hairstyles in 2021

Undercut is one of the most popular male hairstyles in 2021

There is never a bad time of year to make a fashion statement. The greatest thing about the most popular male hairstyles in 2021 is the flexibility; whether you are looking for comfort, aesthetics, or convenience, there is a hot new look that works for you. This summer is the best time to check out …

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Hair Transplant Growth Timeline

Man combing his hair transplants in the mirror.

If you are tired of dealing with increasing bald spots and patches of hair loss all over your scalp, you can do something about it this season. At Hair Surgery Seattle, we offer some of the most advance and diverse hair restoration options in the field. Patients who qualify as candidates for hair transplant surgery …

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