Hair Health After a Transplant

After your hair transplant procedure, you will be eager to see results. But hair health after a transplant is important and requires care. While you wait for your natural hair to grow back, there are things you can do to maintain good hair health after a transplant. Cleaning the scalp and the hair thoroughly is the most important part of your post-surgery routine.

Hair Health After a Transplant

Keep reading to find more post-transplant tips from your Hair Surgery Seattle experts.

Know When to See Results

The biggest thing patients want to know is when they will start seeing results after the transplant treatment. While the results can largely vary depending on each patient’s needs and symptoms, you can usually expect to see new hair growth within 6-9 months. For others, it may take up to a year. While this may seem like slow growth, it is a good sign that your follicles are following the natural cycle of growth and shedding that all people experience throughout the year.

Help! My Hair Fell Out A Few Weeks After Surgery!

If you lose your transplanted hair between 2 – 8 weeks after surgery, don’t panic! This is completely normal. In fact, the transplanted hair will thin and fall out before you see new growth coming straight from your scalp. This is how the process works, so don’t be disheartened by such a sudden loss of hair.

Stick to a Good Cleaning Routine

It is important to wash your hair and scalp thoroughly while your head is recovering from transplant surgery. Particularly, it is good to focus on your scalp. If you have oily hair, make sure to avoid putting conditioner near the roots. The opposite is the case for shampoo; thinning hair should start on the ends.

As you age, your scalp naturally produces less oil. This means that you don’t have to clean your hair as frequently as you may be used to doing. Overwashing could cause a dry, flaky, or infected scalp. It is critical to keep your scalp in good condition while your body is recovering from the transplant.

Protect Your Hair Against the Heat

Do you like putting your hair in different styles? There is nothing wrong with that, but you need to take some extra precautions in order to keep your hair healthy. Some styles can be damaging, such as a ponytail or a tight bun. Add a heat protectant to your hair to prolong your enjoyable stay in the sunlight. They are healthy and they smell good too!

Start Eating Healthy

You don’t need to go on a diet or change your entire eating routine just to maintain good hair transplant results. You can improve your diet by adding plenty of ingredients that contain vitamins A, E, C, and B. Omega-3 acids can improve the quality of your kin, as well as the strength and health of your hair. Some of the best superfoods to try include salmon, spinach, mushrooms, honey, and blueberries.

Try New Shampoo

Your shampoo may include harmful chemicals that are stripping your hair of resources. Anything that includes certain fragrances or color-protecting substances should be ditched, especially during your healing process. All-natural shampoos which contain healing ingredients can help speed up the entire recovery process. It’s important that your shampoos are free of sulfates and parabens at the very least.

Learn More about Hair Transplants Today!

Your hair surgery experts can help you find out the best type of treatment for your thinning or lost hair. With an innovative hair transplant in Seattle, you’ll experience great results within a few months of the procedure. Schedule a one-on-one consultation with our doctor today and learn what a follicle replacement procedure can do for you!

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