Popular Male Hairstyles in 2021

There is never a bad time of year to make a fashion statement. The greatest thing about the most popular male hairstyles in 2021 is the flexibility; whether you are looking for comfort, aesthetics, or convenience, there is a hot new look that works for you. This summer is the best time to check out a novel style.

Popular Male Hairstyles in 2021

Time to let down your hair – or cut it all off – and check out the best styles of the year that our Hair Surgery Seattle experts recommend. You can achieve any of these looks even if you are struggling with hair loss. Our innovative NeoGraft treatments will help you regrow a full head of hair that you can shape into any style.

Curly Cue

Curls always go in and out of style, but the curls are back. If you are tired of your straight hair, try going for loose or tightly packed curls. A lot of men like to curl their hair and cut it into an undercut to get the best of both worlds. This is one of the best looks of the season!

Custom Patterns

2021 is the year of the great return; people can finally enjoy the outdoors after a year in quarantine. People are tired of being locked up due to the pandemic and are more eager to express their individuality than ever. We are seeing an emergence of customized patterns shaved into the sides of men’s heads. If this is up your alley, you can rest assured that you can still be fashionable while flaunting your own style.

Loyal Buzzcut

One of the oldest and most traditional haircuts of all time, the buzzcut is still one of the most popular men’s hairstyles in 2021. A buzzcut by itself is plenty fashionable, but you can also customize your look by pairing the buzz with a shaved pattern. Buzzcuts are always great because you don’t have to use any products or hairbrushes to style them, letting you wake up and start your day straight away.

Spiked Textures

Different types of textured hair have always been popular, but spikes, in particular, have made a reappearance in 2021’s top styles. Instead of separating your layers of hair with a solid line, you can blend the layers to create a new texture. This can create subtle spikes on the back of the head, adding some flair to your everyday look. It’s not too much or too little.

Classic Undercut

Last, but certainly not least, the undercut remains the most popular male hairstyle of 2021. The undercut should not be understated – nor should it be ignored. This stylish look includes long hair on the top and a clean shave on both sides. You can change this up with a solid or blended line to complete the two layers. This style pairs well with just about any kind of fashionable look, whether you prefer to look traditional or you want to embellish your fabulousness.

Grow a Full Head of Hair in 2021

If you are looking forward to trying out some of this year’s most popular styles but you are struggling with increased hair loss, it is time to connect with your professional hair replacement experts. At Hair Surgery Seattle, we offer advanced NeoGraft in Seattle for patients who want to grow back their hair the natural way. This procedure uses your body’s own hair follicles and replaces them on the damaged areas of your scalp to encourage regrowth.

The power to have your favorite hairstyle is in your hands. Get in touch with our experts today to learn more about your hair surgery options. Find your style in 2021!

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