Top NeoGraft FAQs

If you are worried about your rapidly receding hairline, sudden hair loss, or overall lack of hair health, it is important to get in touch with a hair restoration specialist. At Hair Surgery Seattle, we provide the best industry options for hair restoration in Seattle. Our most popular procedure that helps patients regrow hair on their heads is the NeoGraft technique, which is a minimally invasive surgical treatment. Let’s look at the top NeoGraft FAQs.

Top NeoGraft FAQs

Most of our Hair Surgery Seattle patients need to have their questions answered before they feel comfortable investing in a procedure like this. Let’s go over the top NeoGraft FAQs now to give you the best insight on a revolutionary technique to help you regrow your hair ASAP.

Does NeoGraft Hurt?

It’s natural to fear pain when thinking about a new kind of medical procedure. But hair transplants are older than you think; starting in the 1950s, FUE methods have been improving to develop the most minimally invasive procedure possible. During the treatment, your scalp will receive a topical anesthetic so you won’t feel any pain. You may feel some irritation as the surgery heals later on, but most patients don’t report any pain. The worst part of this procedure? Having to sit still for a long period of time while the surgeon does his work!

Do I Have to Shave My Head First?

Patients who are apprehensive about getting rid of their hair may worry that shaving is an absolute requirement for a NeoGraft procedure. Fortunately, you don’t need to shave your entire head. Depending on how much hair loss you are dealing with in the affected area, your doctor may require some hair removal where the surgery will take place. Overall, more hair growth will be encouraged as your follicles get healthier over time.

Is NeoGraft Approved by the FDA?

Hair Surgery Seattle is proud to offer NeoGraft as it is the first FDA-approved automated device for hair restoration. The technology was first approved in the United States and has continued to develop so that it is the safest, least painful, and most minimally-invasive treatment for hair loss in the world. It is also the best procedure for creating natural results with hardly any recovery time needed.

Is There Scarring?

Patients specifically seek out the NeoGraft procedure because it proves the best way to avoid a linear scar on your scalp. Older forms of FUE transplants and hair restoration procedures may leave some scarring that remains visible after the treatment is complete. But with NeoGraft, your surgeon transplants each hair follicle individually, rather than adding a strip of follicles that raise into a scar. There is no long-term scarring at all!

When Will My New Hair Start to Grow?

We’ve saved the most popular question for last! The biggest thing patients want to know is: when will I start to see real results? NeoGraft is the top-rated procedure to help you grow a full head of hair in a natural way. Still, it does require some patients on your end. Everybody is different, so a one-on-one consultation will be necessary to determine how long you have to wait before you see results. Most people start to see significant changes within six months after the NeoGraft procedure.

Give Your Scalp the Full Restorative Treatment!

Losing hair may seem like you are headed for permanent baldness, but our Hair Surgery Seattle experts can help you find the right procedure to restore the hair on top of your head. When you invest in NeoGraft in Seattle, you are investing in natural and healthy hair regeneration. You don’t have to live with thinning and dying hair. Visit our experts and turn your life around today!

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