What to Avoid After Hair Restoration

Hair restoration surgery is the world’s most effective way to regrow your own natural hair on your head. Whether you are dealing with pattern baldness or you have lost your hair after an injury, you can use advanced FUE technologies with NeoGraft in Seattle and enjoy a brand new head of hair with personalized results. Let’s look at what to avoid after hair restoration.

What to Avoid After Hair Restoration

In order to keep those results in tip-top shape for years to come, you’ll want to know what to avoid after hair restoration surgery. There are specific things that you can do to ensure that your results will last, giving your scalp the rejuvenation and regrowth of a lifetime. Keep reading to find out the biggest things to avoid immediately following your surgery.

Scrubbing in the Shower

Make sure that you do not wash your hair for at least 2 days after your FUE surgery! This can greatly harm the progress made by the surgery itself, setting you back and damaging your hair follicles further. Make sure to give your hair a very gentle wash after that, taking care not to scrub your scalp. Apply conditioner if your scalp is itchy, but do your best not to itch it.

Sitting in the Sun

Your first instinct may be to go outdoors and soak up some warm rays after your hair surgery, but you need to keep your scalp under wraps if you’re going to do that. Make sure you don’t sit in the sun for too long, or else you will damage your transplant results. It is recommended that you avoid sunlight between 10 AM – 2 PM for at least 14 days after your surgery.

Smoking and Sipping

Unfortunately, you may have to hold off on drinking or smoking for a couple of weeks after your surgery. This is a pretty standard procedure for any surgery, and something you want to monitor closely while staying in communication with your doctor. Cigarettes can elevate your blood pressure and slow down the recovery process, making it harder for your scalp to heal. Alcohol can also exacerbate symptoms and make you bleed more, which could reverse some of the good work done by your surgeon.

Sleeping on the Stomach

If you tend to lie down flat while you sleep, you might be doing some damage to your fresh scalp. For the first few nights, you should keep your head elevated and try to sleep up in a sitting position. If you have had hair implants, you may experience swelling, which would prolong the need to sleep sitting up. Sleeping on your stomach can push blood away from the area that needs to heal.

Icing Your Scalp

If your scalp is feeling irritated, do not put ice directly on it. Any kind of direct touch (with ice or otherwise) could greatly damage your scalp and also ruin your new hairline. It is important to speak with your doctor about possible pain relievers if your head is overly itchy or irritated in the days after your hair transplant surgery. It takes time for your hair to be restored, but eventually, all pain and discomfort should go away as you enjoy the new growth of hair around your head.

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