What is NeoGraft?

With the revolutionary technology of the NeoGraft Hair Transplant System, Dr. Cole provides a faster, more consistent hair restoration experience. For the best hair restoration in Seattle, look no further.

NeoGraft Overview

NeoGraft works using FUE or follicular unit extraction. That means it takes individual healthy follicles from a donor site and relocates them to a balding area. The result is a full head of hair that is actually your hair. It looks natural. It feels natural. Because it is natural! Compared with previous hair restoration methods, NeoGraft allows for:
  • Quicker procedure times
  • Lower cost than older FUE methods
  • Faster recovery time
  • More comfortable procedure
  • Natural-looking results
  • Higher patient satisfaction
  • More confidence in your appearance
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How Does

NeoGraft Work?

The system uses pneumatic (air) pressure to extract healthy follicles from a donor area. Typically, this area is the back of the head, as these follicles are more resistant to balding. Each follicle is harvested carefully and individually through FUE.

Older methods of FUE worked in a similar fashion but took an extended amount of time. This in turn made the hair restoration procedure quite expensive. Each follicle had to be manually extracted, taking hours upon hours of a surgeon’s time. Now, NeoGraft allows you to have this precise treatment in the same amount of time as the “strip method.”

What Was the Strip Method?

Also called follicular unit transplant (or FUT), the strip method involved removing a portion of skin from the back of the head. This "strip" would then be segmented into smaller pieces to be transplanted to a target area. Though relatively straightforward and quick, the procedure had several downsides.
  • Scarring along the strip
  • A more artificial look
  • Less comfortable procedure
  • Longer healing times
With NeoGraft, you receive a higher-quality hair transplant procedure in the same amount of time. In addition, every part of the process is quicker and more comfortable. Since no strip is harvested, there is less pain and a faster recovery period.

NeoGraft Hair Transplant Process

  • Step1

    Removal of Donor Hair

    A key part of FUE hair restoration is that you use your own hair. That is what makes the results so natural-looking. The first step involves Dr. Cole using the NeoGraft system to remove healthy hair follicles from the donor site. This typically is the back of your head, where follicles are more resistant to balding.
  • Step2

    Precision Extraction

    NeoGraft technology ensures that each extracted follicle is the same size and length. This precision allows for consistent results.
  • Step3

    Recipient Site Creation

    Using his eye for aesthetic quality, Dr. Cole creates recipient sites. Each is chosen according to the natural patterns of your original hair.
  • Step4

    Placing the Hair Graft

    Once sorted by size, Dr. Cole transplants the follicles to the target areas of your scalp. Piece-by-piece, he strategically places them so that they ensure natural-looking results. Most patients will need only a single session to reach their goals. Others may need a few, depending on the number of follicles you need transplanted.
  • Step5

    Recovery and Results

    Within about ten days, the donor area will return to its normal look. Unlike previous methods, there is no strip scarring. As you follow Dr. Cole’s instructions, you will begin to see your results. The transplanted hair will fall out after some time, but this is part of the process. The follicles are what is important. These relocated follicles will begin to grow their own hair, filling your scalp with natural hair that is 100% yours.

Requires a Trained Hair Specialist

The NeoGraft system is highly efficient, but requires a skilled specialist to deliver results you can be proud of. Dr. Cole is a board-certified surgeon with unique training in hair restoration. He has helped countless patients recover their hair and youthful appearance throughout his more than 20 years of professional experience.

Don’t settle for less. With the help of an expert surgeon, you can achieve your goals perfectly. NeoGraft may be the instrument, but it still takes a doctor with expertise to use it effectively.

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Take the first step toward a full head of hair today. When you schedule a consultation, you meet personally with Dr. Cole to discuss your goals. Working closely with you, he develops a personalized treatment plan that will match your needs perfectly. As a board-certified surgeon, Dr. Cole uses his expertise to help countless patients achieve a look they can be proud of.

With a NeoGraft hair transplant, you can achieve a look that inspires confidence in yourself. As you continue to grow youthful and rich natural hair, your appearance will be something to take pride in, boosting your quality of life. Call Dr. Cole today to take back control over your body.

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